'Maniac' Release Time: When Is the New Show on Netflix?

This show looks incredibly weird in the best way possible.

It’s finally here! Maniac, a trippy new Netflix series starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, is set to debut on September 21 (that’s tomorrow!) bringing all 10 episodes to the streaming service. But when exactly is it time to settle in and binge through the new show from the mind of Cary Fukunaga (best-know for True Detective Season 1, It, and Beasts of No Nation)? Here’s what you need to know.

Emma Stone in 'Maniac'


What time is Maniac releasing on Netflix?

As always, Netflix debuts new content at midnight Pacific time since the company is based in California. That means you can start streaming Maniac at exactly 3 a.m. Eastern on Friday. So if you feel like staying up late maybe you can squeeze in a couple of episodes before you pass out from exhaustion.

Better yet, wait until the weekend and gear up to see lots of weird scenes like this one as you binge your way through Maniac Season 1.

Justin Theroux in 'Maniac'


What’s the plot of Maniac?

Good question.

Based on the trailer at the top of his post (and a few other visual teasers released since), we’re not really sure. Critics who’ve already seen the show also seem to agree that it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense — not that that’s a bad thing.

As far as we can tell, Maniac focuses on some sort of experimental drug test designed to cure depression in Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, and a handful of other characters. The entire thing is being administered by Justin Theroux and overseen by Sally Field, who seems to be concerned that these tests aren’t exactly safe. (She’s probably right.)

While the subjects lie strapped in bed with feeding tubes hooked to their mouths, we see Hill and Stone explore various (virtual?) worlds, including what looks like the United Nations in the 1960s, a Lord of the Rings-style adventure, and one scene in which a building-sized Jonah Hill crawls down the middle of a city street.

Also, Hill has a mullet for at least some scenes, and Stone gets some sweet ‘80s hair as well.

Jonah Hill with a mullet in 'Maniac'


Overall it looks awesomely weird. We can’t wait to check out Maniac once the release time arrives.

**Maniac premieres September 21 on Netflix.*

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