'Stranger Things' David Harbour Takes Season 3 Break to Officiate Wedding

David Harbour kept his promise.

by Josie Rhodes Cook

David Harbour seems like a pretty chill dude, even if the character he plays on Stranger Things, Chief Hopper, might be a little rough around the edges. Case in point, earlier this year, a Twitter user @ErickaElizabth asked Harbour how many retweets she’d need for the actor to officiate her wedding. Not only did Harbour respond with a number, he also upheld his end of the bargain. See? So chill.

Harbour is likely really busy right now, what with filming Season 3 of Stranger Things and being nominated for an Emmy that he has a pretty good chance of winning on Monday night. But somehow, he managed to find the time to officiate a fan wedding — and he did it in a full-on Chief Jim Hopper look. Because when you make a Stranger Things fan’s dreams come true, why not go the extra mile.

Back in January, Harbour told the fan that if she get over 125,000 retweets, he would get ordained and perform the ceremony as requested. He had a few stipulations, including the option to read “an esteemed love letter” of his choice at the wedding, and the ability to eat the first piece of the wedding cake. In the grand scheme of things, that’s really not a lot for a guy who’s taking time out of his busy schedule filming the next season of a hit Netflix show to ask for.

Well, Ericka got over 132,000 retweets, and Harbour kept his promise. He tweeted a photo over the weekend, proving that not only did he definitely officiate the wedding — he did it dressed as everyone’s favorite 1980s police chief, Jim Hopper.

A Stranger Things filming updates account on Twitter confirms that the cast is still filming season 3, so it’s especially awesome that Harbour went to Illinois to perform a wedding ceremony in the middle of all that. Stranger Things films in and around Atlanta, Georgia, so it’s not like this fan wedding took place in Harbour’s temporary backyard.

Of course, if circumstances hadn’t worked out, people might have given Harbour some flack for not keeping his promise. There’s always a chance this was just a good PR move for a guy who’s up for a Best Drama Supporting Actor at the 70th annual Emmy Awards on Monday night. But I like to think he just did it because he’s David Harbour, and he’s kinda awesome.

Stranger Things Season 3 will premiere on Netflix in Summer 2019.

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