Most Fortnite glitches usually result in bizarre deaths or gaining access to weird places, but the latest that fans have picked up on offers a great boon to players that want to get full shields ASAP. There’s a way to guarantee that a chest will have Small Shield Potions inside.

This pro tip first emerged on Reddit in a post by redditor Besart17 on Thursday morning. “Pro tip: Fake drinking a big shield to get minis,” the title read. The accompanying video features player “just build dog” chugging a Shield Potion for only 1 second — therefore interrupting the animation — and then opening up a nearby chest in Retail Row to get a batch of Small Shield Potions.

Is it possible that this happens every time? Plenty of comments on the post, like the following, claim it happens 100 percent of the time — but because it’s Reddit many of the comments come off as ridiculous and unserious.

So Inverse’s own Justin Dodd, co-host of the one and only Fortnite talk show Squad Up, hopped online to test out the glitch. Sure enough, doing the half-chugged chest opener maneuver worked:

As of right now, it looks like this glitch is successful 100 percent of the time, but it does unfortunately require that the player already have a full Shield Potion. Any decent Fortnite player knows to never straight-up chug a Shield Potion when they find one, because it’s best to guzzle two Small Shield Potions first — because they can only get Shields up to 50 — and then consume the larger potion.

Unfortunately, as word of this little cheat grows, Epic Games is bound to release a hotfix patch to make this totally impossible, but for the time being, be sure to integrate this trick into every match moving forward.

Additional reporting by Justin Dodd.

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Photos via Epic Games