Tesla Semi Prototype Images Show the Futuristic Interior Design

Tesla’s all-electric truck is rolling into action. New images emerged this week of a prototype Semi paying a visit to freight shipping firm J.B. Hunt, one of the first to announce plans to pre-order the vehicle ahead of its 2019 launch.

The images, spotted by Electrek, show the truck visiting the company’s Arkansas headquarters. Interior shots show the specially-positioned central cabin seat, plus two giant screens flanking either side of the steering wheel and a number of cup holders for easy accessibility.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the truck at the Tesla Design Studio in November 2017, alongside an upgraded version of its Roadster sports car. The truck offers a range of 300 miles for $150,000 or 500 miles for $180,000, consuming less than two kilowatt-hours of power per mile. A series of solar-equipped “megachargers,” placed around every 400 miles in the United States, will recharge the vehicle in under 30 minutes to a mostly-full capacity.

Hunt, which describes itself as “one of the largest transportation logistics companies in North America,” is a key supporter of Tesla’s electric truck plans. The firm announced soon after the Semi’s unveiling that it had reserved an unspecified number of vehicles for use on its west coast operations.

Instagram user Brian Davis shared the below images:

Another user called “kyle” also shared this image:

A Reddit user called “freakonomics3415” also shared the below shots, detailing close-ups of the vehicle as well as shots of the interior:

It’s not the first prototype to surface after the truck’s unveiling. A January sighting by the UPS Customer Center in Sunnyvale, California, demonstrated the whisper-quiet motor sounds as the vehicle kicks into speed. Another sighting in May spotted the vehicle at the Kettleman City Supercharger station halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, wowing observers with its sleek design.

These prototypes may not accurately represent the final product, though. Musk teased in February that he’s “feeling optimistic about beating the Semi specs announced at the unveiling for the same price,” declaring that “the Tesla Semi will be something really special.”

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