'Fortnite' Version 5.30 Update: 4 Things to Expect in the Next Patch

Time to get ready for Season 6.

Epic Games pushed back Tuesday’s update for Fortnite: Battle Royale to Thursday for an unknown reason. This patch will be a big one for Season 5 as it will include new content, modes, fixes, and the next storyline events to lead to the start of Season 6.

In Thursday’s v5.30 update will be a bit of everything for Fortnite: Battle Royale. As Season 5 winds down, updates will likely include both more weapons and limited time modes, but more importantly, more assets to prepare for the end of the season. Epic has been slow to push the current storyline and with only a few weeks left, this v5.30 update could be what sets up the transition from Season 5 to Season 6 along with providing players new content and fixes.

Season 5 Storyline Content

The v5.30 update will go live Thursday morning, and data miners discovered a storyline event will happen on Friday. They have yet to uncover any new assets related to this event or future events, which means this update will likely have the additional data to get the events for the season going. Expect to see them work quickly on the new files added with the update in order to see what’s coming next to the game.

Improved Pump Shotgun

Shotguns are a favorite weapon for Fortnite: Battle Royale players. At just the right distance, a couple of quick shots from any shotgun will take down an opponent. Of the variants of the weapon, the Pump Shotgun had some issues making it not a favorite for players. A member of the development team said last week they may buff the weapon to make it more desirable for players.

Get High and Go Fast

Last week’s update saw the inclusion of the Soaring 50’s Limited Time Mode, but data miners discovered a different LTM in the game files set for release called Velocity. Like in the Soaring 50’s LTM, Velocity will allow players to re-deploy gliders and increase the spawn of items like Bounce Pads, Impulse Grenades, and other equipment to improve mobility, which is important since this mode will also include a faster moving storm circle.

Make My Rift-to-Go

On Tuesday, Epic announced the newest equipment coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale called the Rift-to-Go. Season 5 saw the introduction of Rifts that allow players to teleport into the sky when touched allowing to get out of trouble or move faster across the island. This new item will work well with the Velocity LTM that should also appear on Thursday.

Epic tweeted the start of the downtime to apply v5.30 update will begin at 4 a.m. Eastern, but did not provide an estimated time. In most cases, this can be less than an hour, but the bigger the patch means the longer the downtime.

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