'American Vandal' Season 2 Trailer Takes a 'Bridesmaids' Joke Even Further

Who is... the "Turd Burglar"?

What could be funnier than a group of grown women pooping themselves in Bridesmaids? The Season 2 trailer for Netflix’s excellent true crime documentary parody, American Vandal, which takes that joke to its bowel-breaking point by having an entire high school get the runs after drinking contaminated lemonade. So the big mystery in Season 2 becomes another impossibly serious whodunnit about something totally ridiculous.

On Tuesday, Netflix released the very first trailer for American Vandal’s second season, revealing that the new vandal is dubbed the “Turd Burglar.” Who is the Turd Burglar, and why did they poison an entire school?

The trailer shows a bunch of students at a Catholic school enjoying their “chicken finger Monday” lunch one day in November when something terrible happens. “The lemonade was contaminated,” a voice says. Moments later, there’s utter chaos as students run around clutching their stomachs and defecating all over.

'American Vandal' Season 2 is a mystery about a bad batch of lemonade.


Much like the first season American Vandal, Season 2 will probably use this initial crime as a focal point, but over time the scope of the mockumentary will expand into a broader conspiracy that hilariously mocks the true crime documentary genre at large. That was definitely hinted at in a cryptic Monday night teaser about some kind of conspiracy at a school:

The same girl appears in the new trailer for Season 2, so we know she’s talking about the school at which the lemonade incident occurs. She’s the one that contacts filmmakers and show hosts Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund about this particular vandal.

The Turd Burglar creates a social media persona to glorify the incident and taunt their victims, but their identity remains a mystery. So it’s up to Maldonado and Ecklund to uncover the truth — while earnestly and intently watching tons of footage of teenagers publicly pooping themselves.

American Vandal Season 2 will be released on Netflix September 14, 2018.

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