Elon Musk Says $25,000 Tesla Could Come in Three or Four Years

The Tesla Model 3 is the carmaker’s affordable electric car, but there is potential for it to be even more affordable. Company CEO Elon Musk explained it would take three to four years for the company’s electric vehicles to drop down to the price of $25,000.

Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee sat down with Musk at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California to talk about tech and Tesla cars in a video uploaded to his channel on Friday. When Brownlee mentioned the number one car customers trade-in to purchase a new Tesla is a Toyota Prius, he asked if there was room for an even less-expensive electric car considering the Prius has a price tag starting as low as $20,630 for a 2019 model and the Tesla Model 3 starts off at $35,000. Musk explained it’s possible to get the company’s electric cars to an even lower price of $25,000, but it will take years to make that happen.

“For us to get to a $25,000 car, that’s something we could do but it’s probably, if we work really hard, maybe we could do that in three years, four years,” Musk said in the video.

Musk used the example of the cell phone on how technology can get cheaper citing the large phones used in the 80s like in the movie Wall Street. He says it takes a large volume and multiple versions to make a new technology affordable.

Brownlee’s 17-minute interview with Musk hits on multiple points about Tesla from how the vehicle production process requires humans instead of robots in certain stages, to the new Tesla Roadster that has enough space for tall people.

In the video, Musk also talked about the Track Mode in Tesla cars. The high-performance mode gives drives access to more settings to get the most out of a Tesla, but it can cause some extra wear and tear.

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