'Pokémon GO' Celebi Event Could Mean Gen 4 Is Almost Here

Everything you need to know.

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Niantic announced a new Pokémon GO Special Research today and it’s all about Celebi. So if you missed out on your chance to grab the Gen 2 legendary during Pokémon GO Fest 2018 you’re in luck. Here’s everything you need to know about Celebi in Pokémon GO and what it might mean for that rumored Gen 4 release date.

The Celebi hunt kicks off later this month on August 20. To get one, you’ll have to complete a series of Special Research tasks in Pokémon GO. Based on similar events in the past, that will likely include catching certain types of Pokémon and pulling off different styles of Poké Ball throws.

Niantic also notes that to take advantage of the Celebi hunt in Pokémon GO you’ll need to have finished the third set of tasks for the previous Mew Special Research. Thankfully, you still have a few days to do just that.

As an added bonus during the Celebi event, you’ll also gain more XP and see more Gen 2 Pokémon from the Johto region in general. And even if you already have a Celebi, it’s a good opportunity to stock up on Celebi Candy in Pokémon GO.

Finally, if you’re dying to find out when Pokémon GO Gen 4 will arrive this might be particularly good news. Niantic previously teased Celebi’s arrival with a tweet celebrating two years of Pokémon GO. The image showed the Gen 2 legendary alongside several Gen 4 creatures. So it’s possible the next big event after this one could finally add the next batch of Pokémon go the mobile game.