'Fortnite' Season 6: 5 Challenges to Complete on Before Season 5 Ends

Time to start focusing on those harder challenges before it's too late.

With Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 past the halfway mark, it’s about time to start looking forward to the end of the season and into the future of what Season 6 might bring. As such, it’s important for dedicated Fortnite players to get to work on some of the more difficult and time-consuming challenges we’ve seen so far this season.

Just like with last season, it’s important to pinpoint the most difficult, lingering challenges each time around to target when there are only a few weeks remaining. The end of Season 5 (September 25, 2018) is fast approaching, so here are five challenges to focus on in the meantime.

5. Search a Supply Llama (1)

This Week 1 challenge seems easy enough, but the odds of finding a Supply Llama are pretty slim compared to other randomized challenges. We outlined a popular strategy that increases a player’s odds of finding one, but because finding a llama is essentially random, searching it should be the top priority whenever a player sees one.

4. Search floating Lightning Bolts (7)

It’s a good thing that this difficult challenge came in Week 1 because it’s a doozy. There are 20 or more yellow lightning bolts scattered around the map in elevated locations. In most cases, they’re either above named locations or prominent landmarks like small cities or the river. But in every single case, players will have to build ramps and platforms to reach the bolts, which will in turn make them vulnerable to enemy attack. There’s really no easy, quick solution to this challenge. Players will just have to spend enough time to accrue the resources needed to reach 1-2 bolts per match.

  • Read our guide for this challenge right here for a map of all the locations.

3. Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a Single Match

In theory, this Week 2 Challenge shouldn’t be all that difficult, but actually looting seven ammo boxes in a single match can prove quite the task if players have a hard time surviving — doubly so if they’re venturing out in Duos or Squads. (And with teammates, players will have to compete against more than just enemies!) The trick to success is to land in a remote destination and wander through places that don’t see a lot of foot traffic. Because survival is key, avoiding conflict is the most important thing to focus on until the challenge is complete. Try starting at Haunted Hills and moving south/southeast from there.

2. Shoot a Clay Pigeon at Different Locations (5)

Week 3’s skeet shooting Challenge is a lot of fun, but it also requires a keen eye and quite a bit of time to actually “shoot a clay pigeon at different locations.” There are only six known locations where this is possible, and because they’re all very spread out it’s nigh impossible to do more than one in a single match, especially when merciless enemies might gun you down mid-skeet. Have steady aim and be sure to stand directly behind the skeet shooter.

  • Read our guide for this Challenge right here for a map of all the locations.

1. Use Rift Portals (3)

Going through a Rift Portal is as easy as running through the crack in space-time and diving back down to earth after it teleports players into the sky. In some areas, two rift portals will cluster close together, allowing players to double up by going through two in a matter of seconds. Look for these locations in southern Paradise Palms, south of the Viking village, and where the old soccer stadium was located to the northwest.

  • Read our guide for this Challenge right here for a map of all the locations.

Fortnite Season 5 is scheduled to end on September 25, 2018.

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