'Pokémon GO' Fans Have a Chance to Catch a Shiny Chikorita in September

Everything you need to know about the game's next Community Day.

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Pokémon GO Community Days do a great job of getting players out and about participating in the game with their friends and fellow Pokémon GO users. And the next event will likely be no different. September’s Pokémon GO Community Day features Chikorita, the Grass-type Pokémon, and has a couple of fun bonuses for anyone who participates in the event next month.

Every Pokémon GO Community Day has some special bonuses to encourage people to participate. Plus, every Pokémon GO Community Day event focuses on a different Pokemon, and it’s Chikorita’s turn this month. Usually, the Pokémon (or its evolution) receives a special move, like when the August Pokémon GO Community Day featured Eevee and any Eevee that evolved during the event would know Last Resort in its evolved form. Chikorita will also be able to learn something special on Community Day.

Here’s everything we know so far about Pokémon GO Community Day for September 2018.

Pokémon GO Community Day: Featured Pokémon

As aforementioned, the featured Pokémon for Community Day in September is Chikorita. Chikorita is a starter Grass-type Pokémon from Gold and Silver. They will be easier to find than usual during the big event.

Pokémon GO Community Day: Start Time

Pokémon GO Community Day in September starts at 2 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, September 22. It runs until 5 p.m. that day, unlike August’s Community Day, which ran during that time over two consecutive days.

Pokemon GO Community Day: Locations

You can get out and play Pokémon GO with others for community Community Day “in your local community parks,” according to the official Pokémon GO website, indicating that the event should be taking place worldwide.

Just don’t trespass or walk into traffic or anything in your pursuit of a Shiny Chikorita. And speaking of…

Pokémon GO Community Day: Rewards

Past Community Days have included new Shiny Pokémon, and there’s a chance that players will be able to stumble across Chikorita’s Shiny form during September’s Community Day.

Additionally, on Community Day in September, Pokémon GO players will get triple XP for any Pokemon caught during the big event. Also, Lure Modules will remain active for three hours, instead of the usual 30-minute window players are used to.

It has not yet been announced which special move Chikorita will be able to receive on Community Day, and the official website just lists “???” as of Wednesday morning. But Chikorita should be able to learn some sort of exclusive move on Community Day in September.

There’s a lot of reasons to get out and play for Pokémon GO Community Day in September, particularly if you’re a fan of Chikorita.