'Avengers: Infinity War': New Gag Reel Reveals Thor Can't Jump

If only the movie were this joyful. 

Avengers: Infinity War is out on digital HD and will release on Blu-ray on August 14. After crying over the ending, owners of the movie can check out the gag reel Marvel included as a bonus feature in order to cheer up from the most depressing ending to happen in a comic book movie.

In a quick teaser for Infinity War on Blu-ray, Marvel offered a glimpse of the stars of the movie having a little fun even though some of them are about to suffer a terrible fate. In particular, Chris Hemsworth can be seen failing to make a heroic landing during the sequence in Nidavellir when Thor tries to open the iris of the forge to let the power of a star through.

Since the release of the digital HD version of Infinity War, fans of the movie learned more about the blockbuster movie thanks to commentary from the directors and writers. This includes questions about the why the Hulk did not help in the fight and why the Red Skull made an appearance in the film.

As of yet, the plot for Avengers 4 is still tightly kept under wraps by those involved with the movie. There wasn’t even a panel about the upcoming movie at the San Diego Comic Con back in July. It’s clear Marvel wants people to know as little as possible before it comes out.

Infinity War on Blu-ray is out on August 14. Those who don’t want to wait for the physical copy of the movie can purchase it digitally via multiple platforms.

Although Infinity War will come to Netflix, it will be the second to last Marvel film to appear on the streaming platform as Disney will now start pulling on the reins for what platforms can stream its movies.