9 Surprising ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Secrets From Directors' Commentary

A must read for those who thought the movie had "plot holes.'

In April, Avengers: Infinity War caused people to lose it as the “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” fell to the power of Thanos. It’s still a year away until Avengers 4, but with the release of the digital version of the movie, Marvel fans know a bit more about the film thanks to the audio commentary.

Infinity War Digital HD version came out on Tuesday. It includes the film and some extras including an audio commentary with co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo along with screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The four gave insight on how the film was made and answer a few of those nagging questions viewers had once they were done crying over the ending.

Two other previously known movie details were Hulk not wanting to help Banner because he’s tired of solving all of his problems, and Spider-Man staying alive longer because he used all his strength to fight his ultimate demise. The new audio commentary goes even deeper in explaining what maybe have seemed like plot holes.

1. The Return of the Red Skull

One of the biggest surprises of Infinity War was the Red Skull showing up again. According to ComicBook.com, Christopher Markus explained the Red Skull was the first person to be obsessed with the Infinity Stones. Since he didn’t “die” in Captain America: First Avenger, the screenwriters decided to bring him back to answer what happened to him.

2. What About Xandar?

When Infinity War starts, it’s mentioned that Thanos received the first Infinite Stone, the Power Stone, from Xandar where the Nova Corps. were protecting it. Early in the script process, there was a sequence showing Thanos fight to retrieve the first stone and meet with Gamora, but McFeely said it offered nothing new to the film showing Xander falling to Thanos according to Screenrant.

3. Kenneth Branagh Is Back…Kind of

Marvel selected actor and director Branagh to bring to life the iconic God of Thunder in 2011’s Thor. That was the only MCU film he directed, but in Infinity War, the Shakespearean actor lent his voice to the film as the Asgardian distress call early in the movie. The Russos thought of using him towards the end of production when they were editing the film.

4. Thanos Visits the Soul World, Broken Gauntlet, and Final Scene

Right after Thanos does the “snap,” he goes into the Soul World where he’s visited by young Gamora, according to The Wrap. The Russos also confirmed that the Infinity Gauntlet was damaged afterward and Thanos was also affected. The last shot of Thanos giving a small smile over what he’s done was an homage to the Infinity Gauntlet comic. After he was defeated in the comic, the Mad Titan went to an unnamed planet to live as a farmer and that moment was used to end the film. There’s even a quick shot of a scarecrow made of Thanos’ armor at the end of the movie, another nod to the comic.

5. Limits of the Reality Stone

Unlike the comics, the MCU version of the Reality Stone is actually a bit weak. CheatSheet reported the Russos said its power is to mainly create temporary illusions and not alter the laws of reality like it can do in the comics.

6. Thanos’ Crazy Plan

Another “plot hole” answered on the audio commentary was why doesn’t Thanos simply make more resources for the overpopulated planets rather than killing half of the people. Joe Russo said the Mad Titan was told his original idea to save Titan would not work so he decided to continue with it, confirmed how mad Thanos truly is.

7 . Cap’s Role in Avengers 4

An early script had Captain America not showing up until almost two hours into the film according to Film School Rejects. That changed in the final movie, and it’s confirmed Cap will play a big role in Avengers 4.

8. An Almost Too Meta Joke

The MCU movies have a few meta jokes here and there although not near the level of meta as the Deadpool movies. There was a chance to get ultra-meta as the Russo Brothers explained there was a line from Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) saying “No shit, Sherlock” to Doctor Stranger (Benedict Cumberbatch). Considering both actors played the legendary Sherlock Holmes, the joke would have been peak meta, but the Russo decided not to use it, according to Movieweb.

9. Tony Knows All

When Tony mentioned he wanted help from Cap, he said so knowing exactly what Wanda, Vision, and Captain America were doing. McFeely said he knew Vision was visiting Wanda who was on the run with Captain America.

Infinity War is out on digital and the Blu-ray version will release on August 14.

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