'Doom Eternal' Looks More Violent and Gory Than Ever in New Gameplay Video

Hell yes.


Doom Eternal still doesn’t have a release date, but on Friday we got a first look at the new gameplay. Four years after the Doom reboot was revealed at QuakeCon 2014, id Software returned to show off its upcoming sequel.

If you were worried that the new game wouldn’t be as gory or violent as the last one you can put those fears to rest. Doom Eternal is somehow even more bloody than Doom.


The developer pulled this off by upgrading pretty much everything about the previous release. For one thing, the Doomslayer himself is even more badass. He’s got upgraded armor with a giant blade attached to his wrist. So you can easily slice up any enemy you encounter.

There are new weapons too, including an awesome shotgun with a built-in grappling hook that lets you hook into enemies and pull yourself towards them. This new mechanic — plus a few other grappling features — also gives Doom Eternal a new parkour-style option for getting around.


The enemies have been upgraded as well. For Doom Eternal, id Software designed every monster to be destructible. So you’ll see them lose limbs and other body parts as you battle. The developer also devoted a ton of time to those brutal Glory Kills animations, including one where you rip out a demon’s organ and shove it down their throat where it explodes for some reason (pictured up top).


You can check out the full Doom Eternal gameplay trailer in the video below. Just skip to around one hour and 11 minutes in for a quick intro followed by some beautifully bloody gameplay.