Older Ladies Are As Sexually Satisfied As Young Ones

Getting older just means getting bolder.


The world is flat, climate change isn’t happening, and old people don’t bone. Burn another lie on science’s bonfire of truth.

The Annals of Family Medicine has released a study showing that not only were one in six older ladies actively getting down, the respondents reported sex lives just as fulfilling as women in their 30s and 40s.

Researchers drew their data from more than 2,100 women in the U.S., of ages 28 to 84. We now know, contrary to the perception of marriage as a sexual desert, that women are much more likely to be sexually active if they’re in a relationship. “It seems for a lot of women in this age group, whether they have a romantic partner is a big contributor to whether they’re sexually active,” Study author Dr. Holly Thomas told Health Day.

One thing the study doesn’t mention is drugs. Medications like Viagra have been credited to giving older couples a boost in sexual activities, as well as causing the explosion in STD rates among among the elderly.

On the other end of the erotic seesaw, a federal health report released this week showed teens are waiting longer to have sex, and almost all using some form of contraception when they finally did the deed. So, there’s your next cocktail party chatter. Teens are celibate, and elders are picking up the slack. You’re welcome.

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