'Pokemon Sun and Moon': How to Get a New Legendary Kyogre or Groudon

The personification of land and sea are now available fro free. 

The Year of Legendary Pokémon continues in August with a new pair of legendaries available for players of the Pokemon Sun and Moon games. All trainers have to do is make a little trip to get some powered up Pokémon.

For August, the cover Pokémon for Ruby and Sapphire — Kyogre and Groudon — are available for free. Owners of Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun, and Pokémon Ultra Moon for the 3DS can visit a GameStop, or EB Games if in Canada, to acquire a code to get the two free legendaries. When visiting the store, players will receive a code that can be used in their games to receive Kyogre for those who own Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Ultra Sun, and Groudon will download to Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Ultra Moon owners.

As Legendary Pokémon, Kyogre and Groudon will start at level 60 for Sun and Moon players and level 100 for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Kyogre will have strong water moves ready to go while Groudon will make use of ground attack. The two are described as being the personifications of land and sea as they battled for thousands of years. Unlike other Pokémon, Kyogre and Groudon do not have a Mega Evolve state but rather go into a Primal Reversion to power up with the use of the Blue Orb for Kyogre and Red Orb for Groudon.

The Pokémon Company started the Year of the Legendary Pokémon in January. Each month, the company releases a new duo for free from the previous Pokémon games.

Pokémon Sun and Moon trainers will have until August 26 to get their code for the free Kyogre and Groudon. In September, Latios and Latias will be the next ones up for grabs.

While on the way to the local GameStop, those trainers who also play Pokémon GO might want to try and get Raikou, the legendary Electric-type dog Pokémon from Pokémon Gold and Silver.

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