Hunters Become the Hunted in Rooster Teeth 'Achievement Haunter' Exclusive

In the first episode, things get dark at an abandoned sawmill in Louisiana.

Smart-mouthed gamers from the internet are an unlikely group to venture out into the haunted wilds of America, but that’s exactly what’s happening in Rooster Teeth’s newest live-action reality series, Achievement Haunter.

A new paranormal/comedy series debuting October 31 on the streaming platform FIRST, Achievement Haunter stars the gamers and personalities of Achievement Hunter as they explore real, allegedly haunted places across North America and attempt to prank each other in these eerie locales.

Straight from its debut at RTX in Austin, Inverse has the exclusive clip to the first episode, in which the Achievement Hunter crew travel to the Long Leaf Sawmill in Louisiana, a ten-building mill from the 19th century that saw a disturbing amount of deaths during its years in operation. In the clip, Achievement Hunter personality Jeremy Dooley is mysteriously pushed and scratched by seemingly no one around him.

At the clip’s premiere on Thursday of RTX, the Achievement Hunter crew swore that Jeremy Dooley was cut up for real and that none of them did it.

While the pilot of Achievement Haunter premiered on May 17, the series will officially begin airing October 31 with the first two episodes.

Though it’s unlikely, it would be kind of fun if the Achievement Hunter crew teamed up for a crossover with the goofy lads of BuzzFeed Unsolved.

Jeremy Dooley reveals scratch marks in the first episode of Rooster Teeth's newest series 'Achievement Haunter.'

Rooster Teeth

Achievement Haunter premieres October 31 on Rooster Teeth’s FIRST.

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