'RWBY' Volume 6 Premiere in October Will Finally Reunite the Team

Rooster Teeth

It’s almost time for back to school — Huntress school, that is. At RTX 2018, Rooster Teeth Animation announced the release date of the next season of the studio’s crown jewel, western anime RWBY.

RWBY Volume 6 will premiere October 27. And in an interview with Inverse, series star Lindsay Jones (the voice of Ruby Rose) reveals that Volume 6 will see the reunion of Team RWBY. The story will also build upon the significant growth of the characters from Volumes 4 and 5.

“Everyone’s excited for the fact that the team is reunited and back together,” Jones says. “The growth the characters have gone through with Volumes 4 and 5, a lot of personal journeys, we’re excited to move forward with them and address bigger issues that have been kind of tackled in Volumes 4 and 5 but hitting even harder in Volume 6.”

In RWBY Volume 4, which picked up after the Vytal Festival tournament that ends in chaos, Team RWBY disbanded and Ruby formed Team RNJR with Nora, Jaune, and Ren. Then, in Volume 5, the group traveled to the eastern kingdom of Mistral, which houses the Hunter/Huntress academy Haven.

Now in RWBY Volume 6, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang reform Team RWBY, and the girls now must escort the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas. Beacon has fallen and Mistral has been compromised, leaving Remnant’s northernmost academy as the safest place in the world, but that’s only if Team RWBY can get there.

First art of 'RWBY' Volume 6.

Rooster Teeth

RWBY Volume 6 will premiere on October 27 on FIRST.