'Life Is Strange 2' Characters: Trailer Reveals an Awesome New Superpower

Could that be the same kid from 'Captain Spirit'?

There’s a brand-new teaser trailer for the upcoming Life Is Strange 2, and though it’s light on concrete details, it does reveal that someone out there in this universe has superpowers that are totally different from the time-warping abilities of Max in the first game. We’ve got a totally sound theory about what it all means, because we may have seen these powers in action before.

Video game developer Dontnod Entertainment release the new trailer on Thursday, and it entails less than a minute of dash cam footage from a police cruiser. Officer K. Matthews is out on patrol on October 28, 2016 in the early evening, right around 5 p.m. local time. The footage jumps ahead ten minutes to a moment when he pulls over at “1542 Lewis Avenue” and nervously asks for backup after reporting a “10-10” (police code for “fight in progress”). The camera jumps ahead again 2 minutes later. A distressed young voice says something like, “Please! I didn’t do anything!” One consoling voice says, “It’s going to be alright.” Then another voice, which doesn’t actually sound like Officer Matthews, commands, “On the ground!”

That’s when it happens.

With a rumble, we see the body of Officer Matthews tumble into the screen and the entire cruiser flips over in the same direction, which looks like some kind of psychic blast (probably from the first voice.)

Here’s that moment:

We haven't really seen this kind of power before in the 'Life Is Strange' universe.

Dontnod Entertainment

This is almost definitely a tease for the new main characters in Life Is Strange 2, who will be totally unrelated to Chloe and Max from the first game. Chances seem pretty high that the first two voices from the teasers are probably characters that appeared at the end of the Life Is Strange 2 prequel called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

Spoilers follow for the other Life Is Strange games.

Captain Spirit took place three years after the first game during winter in a place called Beaver Creek, Oregon. That story focused on a young boy named Chris Eriksen that invented a superhero alter-ego to cope with the loss of his mother and abuse from his alcoholic father. In the end, he falls out of a treehouse but levitates inches above the ground to prevent injury. Just a second later, Chris sees his two young neighbors, brothers, waving to him. It seems pretty clear that one or both of the neighbors used their powers to save Chris.

Dontnod has confirmed that both the final choice of *Life Is Strange and choices made during Captain Spirit would carry over into Life Is Strange 2 and that Chris would be featured in the new game.

So it certainly seems like this “fight in progress” from the teaser could happen at the Reynolds household and involve the new protagonists. Data-mining of Captain Spirit revealed in June the older brother is named Sean and the younger, Daniel. Maybe Life Is Strange 2 will resemble 2012’s Chronicle, in which a few kids misuse newfound telekinetic powers?

Also, consider that in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Skip Matthews was the name of a security officer at Blackwell Academy. If “Skip” was just a nickname, then it’s possible that this Officer Matthews is the same guy. Matthews is a generic enough name that they might not be connected at all, but this would still be a fun way to tie all the games together.

We'll learn a lot more about 'Life Is Strange 2' in just a couple more weeks.

Dontnod Entertainment

Ultimately, this is one heck of a teaser that does a great job at manufacturing intrigue because we don’t know anything for sure. At least the teaser also says “All Will Be Revealed August 20th 2018,” so we’re bound to get a full trailer in just a couple weeks, right before Gamescom kicks off on August 21 in Germany.

The first of five episodes Life is Strange 2 launch on September 27.

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