Jeff Bezos Might Have Teased a Roving Alexa Concept on Instagram

Wow, Jeff, you've done it again.

Flickr / jurvetson

Do not be alarmed, Jeff Bezos just posted an Instagram picture of Alexa taking over a Roomba’s feeble, mechanical mind to gain the ability to walk. Ok, not quite. The Amazon CEO explained that his kids had duct taped an Amazon Echo to a Roomba on Monday. But we here at Inverse have a hunch about what’s really going on in this image.

Sure this might be the brainchild of Bezos’ four children, but it could also be an early proof of concept for the roving Alexa of the future. Imagine having your Echo play “Africa” by Toto as it roams around, dusting your apartment. It’ll basically be one apron and a pair of glowing red eyes away from Rosie in The Jetsons.

“What?!!!! Found this in the living room when I got home,” writes the Amazon founder. “I have no idea. #LifeWithFourKids”

Sure you don’t, Jeff.

The Instagram post garnered a wave of positive comments with many of Bezos’ followers dubbing it “DJ Roomba.” Others regarded it as “genius” and “a promising idea.”

However, there are some design flaws here, for one Alexa would need to be battery powered to function atop her rotund steed. But a new Amazon Echo might not be too far off.

This alleged art project comes a month after French publications Numerama and FrAndroid claim to have unearthed images of a next-generation Amazon Echo Dot. A third site, AFTVNews — which managed to predict the release of the Echo Show in 2017 — alleges the pictured device is legit.

Sadly, the allegedly leaked images don’t include any Roombas.

But who knows? Further down the line, Alexa could be ridin’ dirty, while bumping Chamillionaire and making your room less dirty.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.