Here's What Happens at the End of 'Unfriended: Dark Web'

Let's get into some spoilers.

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What happens at the end of Unfriended: Dark Web? If you’re not an expert in the internet’s dark underbelly or you just covered your eyes to avoid seeing someone’s gruesome death, you may have missed a few key plot points. Here’s a spoiler-filled rundown of exactly what happens at the ending of Unfriended: Dark Web.

Also, a quick note before we get into this. It’s apparently possible that Dark Web actually has two distinct endings depending on which screening you go to. So the version you see may not line up with the ending described here. If that’s the case just know that you’re not going crazy, and there actually are two different versions of the film.

Warning: Tons of spoilers for Unfriended: Dark Web below.

In a movie full of twists and turns, the biggest one comes at the end when the camera finally pulls back to reveal who’s computer we’ve been looking at the entire time. From the beginning, we were led to believe that it was a laptop stolen by the protagonist, Matias, which sets off the entire chain of events. However, that final shot reveals that the computer we’ve actually been looking at belongs to a member of the secret society that’s been watching and pulling the strings all along

Confused? Let’s back up for a second.

The movie kicks off when Matias grabs a seemingly abandoned laptop and uses it to start a Skype call with his friends, but it doesn’t take long for him to realize that this “found” computer is being used to store videos of people being tortured, videos that get sold to the top bidder in a secret online chat room.

The story ramps up when the laptop’s owner shows up at Matias’ girlfriend’s home and threatens to kill her if their property isn’t returned. In response, Matias empties a Bitcoin wallet found on the computer, triggering a reaction from that secret society as they realize the laptop is no longer in their possession. The group of anonymous hackers then quickly eliminate Matias and his friends one by one while leaving behind a trail of false evidence designed to pin the blame for everything (the torture videos, the murders, etc.) on them.

That last bit is where things get really complicated. It involves the hackers taking over Matias’ friend Damon’s computer remotely and typing out a suicide note that claims responsibility for those torture videos. At the same time, they edit an image of one of their own sneaking into a girl’s bedroom to kidnap her and photoshop in Matias’ face. So when the police eventually show up and find a bunch of dead bodies, they’ll assume Matias and his friend all committed suicide after coming to terms with the horrible things they did.

The twist that these hackers have been pulling the strings all along is a fun one, even it doesn’t totally make sense. After all, how could they have predicted every single thing Matias and his friends would do. Then again, as the Unfriended: Dark Web makes clear in its final shot, this is nothing out of ordinary for the film’s anonymous villains. It’s just another game night.

Unfriended: Dark Web is in theaters now.

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