'Fortnite' Dance Made its Way to the World Cup Final After Antoine Griezmann's Goal

He said take that L, Croatia.


Player celebrations after scoring a goal take all kinds of forms. There’s the slide on the knees, the run-around with arms extended like an airplane, or dabbing. One player on the World Cup 2018-winning French team showed his love for Fortnite when he celebrated scoring a goal by doing a familiar dance for players.

French forward Antoine Griezmann scored his team’s second goal at right before the 38-minute mark on a penalty kick due to a handball violation on Croatia’s Ivan Perisic. He gave France the 2-1 lead and to celebrate, he did a little dance. Known as the “Take the L” emote in Fortnite, the dance is familiar with most players of the game as it’s one of the most embarrassing dances, typically done by an opponent on a player’s dead body.

This is not Greizmann’s first time using the Fortnite dance to celebrate a goal. On June 30, he scored the first goal against Argentina in the round of 16, and he did the Fortnite dance right after. He also uses the same celebration when playing for his Atlético Madrid, his club team in La Liga, Spain’s top league.

Athletes in other sports also use the “Take the L” dance as a form of trash talking in recent months. Back in May, lightweight boxer Teofimo Lopez did the emote in the boxing ring after he knocked out Vitor Freitas. Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerdo did a quick “Take the L” in a game against Tampa Bay Rays in March.

France’s 4-2 win over Croatia was as exciting as World Cup 2018. This is the country’s second World Cup Championship, the first in 1998.

In the second half of the World Cup Finals, a group of people ran onto the field causing a stoppage of play. Soon after, the identities of those protestors were revealed to be members of the Russian punk and political activist group, Pussy Riot.

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