Here's How to Quit Plastic Straws Forever

They're killing the planet, so now you can (kinda) save the planet.

Unsplash / Maria Vernigora

Last week Starbucks kicked the years-old conversation around the horrors of plastic straws into next gear with the announcement they’d be phasing out their iconic green plastic straws by 2020, replacing them instead with paper straws and newly redesigned lid. Senhai Set of 8 Stainless Steel Straws, $8.99

This is just the latest move in a worldwide uprising against plastic straws, which are a thorn in the side of our already beleaguered oceans. Some countries have outright banned them already, in fact.

But where do you, the average soda-enjoyer fit into all of this? Straws are nice! They’re fun to use and they help you savor your drink. Is everyone just going to be holding full open mugs of cold brew coffee on the subway now, hoping that not all of it will be jostled out onto the ground by the time they reach their destination?

Not so, just buy some metal straws. Doesn’t that already sound cool? These straws are metal as hell, dude. They’re versatile, lightweight, can be used repeatedly forever, and will turn you into a heroic eco-warrior in the eyes of that one hot barista you’ve been working up the courage to talk to.

A set of metal straws is one of the most future-proof investments you can make, and this offering from Senhai of eight stainless steel straws in various sizes, as well as a carrying pouch and two cleaning brushes, is all you need to never have to pick up a plastic one again. At 4.5 stars on Amazon from more than 480 customer reviews, it’s a no-brainer purchase at $8.99.