Learn a New Language Easier Than Ever Before With This Powerful App

Mondly is a feature-packed language app that's having one hell of a discount sale.

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Thanks to modern inventions like the internet and planes that are not made of wood and fabric, it’s easier than ever to consider yourself a citizen of the world. The first step is oftentimes to decide where you’d like to go, research some of the culture and history of the place, and, crucially, learn the damn language.

You don’t have to learn all of it, but even if you’re not planning a great escape to rural Italy and instead just want to be able ti take further part in this increasingly close-knit and global world we live in, learning a language is the first step to making that a reality, and a seriously impressive skill to keep in your pocket.

It can be a daunting proposal, learning a new language when sometimes you forget the word for “armchair” or whatever in the one you already speak, but luckily people are actually very good at learning languages if they go about it the right way, and there’s no better way to go about it than Mondly.

We all remember our old language classes from high school, filled with dry vocabulary and rehearsed sentences about someone called Petra trying to figure out if her fish is sick or something. This is, blissfully, nothing like that. Mondly takes a different approach to getting you fluent with the language of your choosing. Using state-of-the-art speech recognition, Mondly knows how to listen to your words and phrases and only gives positive feedback if you speak clearly and correctly. Combine this with Mondly’s roster of professional voice actors and its conversation-focused curriculum, and you’ll be well on your way to sounding like a true native after working through its fun (and fast) lessons.

Mondly offers 33 different languages to choose from, and whichever one(s) you choose, you’ll have lifetime access to the Mondly suite of courses, which are often updated. You’ll learn to memorize core words, form sentences, and take part in conversations, and lessons are always broken down into helpful, bite-size lengths so you can stay busy.

Mondly is a seriously in-depth and impressive tool, which is why people pay through the nose for its expert-led guiding classes (this isn’t your average Rosetta Stone). Their prices are usually intimidating, but right now eCommerce site Stack Commerce has deals on all Mondly’s lifetime packages. Get what’s right for you, and start getting smarter.