'Avengers 4' Title Leak Appears to Confirm an Old, Popular Fan Theory


The much-ballyhooed mystery surrounding the title of Avengers 4 appears to have been solved, thanks to a supposed unintentional leak via a Marvel cinematographer’s portfolio website. If this really is the name of the highly anticipated Infinity War follow-up, then it means that an earlier fan theory was right, and Doctor Strange already told fans what the title was.

It’s Avengers: End Game, according to a now-edited listing on longtime MCU cinematographer Trent Opaloch‘s website. As Omega Underground notes, Opaloch has worked with the Russo brothers on several Marvel movies, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War. As of Sunday, his website had a page that listed his filmography, including the upcoming Avengers 4, which at the time read, “Avengers: End Game.”

After the significance of the apparent leak started making the rounds online, the page was edited to remove the subtitle. Now, it just says “Avengers 4.”

The resume as it looked prior to being edited. 

Omega Underground

It’s important to remember this is not official confirmation that End Game is the film’s title, but it would be curious if Opaloch listed the film under a bogus name rather than just going with Avengers 4.

It’s not the first time Avengers: End Game has been put forth as a possible title for the movie. In Infinity War, Doctor Strange hands Thanos the Time Stone before telling Tony Stark they’re “in the endgame now,” and turns to dust. Fans latched onto the idea that Strange was being literal, and that the next movie would indeed be the “endgame.”

However, in early May, shortly after this theory started gaining support, the Russo brothers shot it down in an interview with Uproxx. Joe Russo flatly stated the name of Avengers 4 had never been spoken in Infinity War, which would seem to rule out End Game.

Except… Here’s the thing. Everybody involved with Avengers 4 has proven they have no trouble lying to mislead audiences (OK, sure I believe you that Black Panther, the star of Black Panther 2, is really dead.), so it’s possible they were just lying. Or maybe it’s a technicality, because Strange says “endgame,” which is one word, but the supposed leaked title is two words, “End Game.”

The third possibility is that the movie isn’t actually called End Game, which is totally possible. But, End Game seems to make sense. As much as Infinity War was teased as the end of an era, it’s clear that Avengers 4 will really be the movie that changes the MCU forever. It will almost certainly be the end of some of the original Avengers, all of whom survived Thanos’ deadly snap. Whatever Avengers 4 ends up being called, it will certainly be the end of something major.

Just last week, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said the title wouldn’t be revealed until after the first Captain Marvel trailers come out, which would likely be towards the ends of 2018. It’s unknown if this potential leak will change those plans.

Avengers 4 (End Game?) will premiere on May 3, 2019.