MacOS Mojave Public Beta Is Out: What to Know Before Downloading

Time to give Dark Mode a spin? 

by James Dennin

Apple users who have been hankering for Dark Mode can finally download the public beta of its new operating system, dubbed macOS Mojave at the latest Worldwide Developers Conference. In addition to the much anticipated Dark Mode, users who make the upgrade can also test-drive Mojave’s other features, which include ramped up security, the return of Favicons, and more.

You can download the public beta by registering with Apple’s beta program and enrolling your device. As with the iOS 12 beta testers, you’ll also want to back up your device to make sure that you’re not losing any files if you encounter any particular bugs. Mojave should run on devices dating back to the Mac Minis from late 2012.

macOS Mojave.


The Best Features in macOS Mojave

The most anticipated feature in macOS Mojave is probably the introduction of a Dark Mode that allows users to opt for a color scheme that’s easier on the eyes. MacOS Mojave will also allow users to select a dynamic Dark Mode, which makes their screens progressively darker as the day goes on.

Apple has also made a pretty big deal of some of Mojave’s other productivity tools, including a new and improved Stacks feature to organize your files, and a souped up Finder that makes it easier to preview and even modify files without opening them.

MacOS Mojave Common Bugs

Some of the most common bugs in macOS Mojave surfaced by MacRumors include some issues with Safari and the DVD Player, the latter of which has trouble running anything at all, according to one user. Another user posting yesterday that while they were able to run Siri, they were unable to ask the virtual assistant questions.

As always, bugs in the first rollout of public beta are normal and will likely be rectified by the time the software update ships to the general public. You can report any bugs you find using Apple’s Feedback Assistant.


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