Please Ignore the Morons Trying to "Remake The Last Jedi"

Even this story is too much fuel for this fire.


Some people really, really didn’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. That’s a fine opinion to have, provided that dislike doesn’t stem from a racist or misogynistic place, but some Star Wars fans have launched a campaign to remake the movie, a profoundly stupid and misguided effort that’s in all likelihood trolling. Please, please, please, can we just ignore these idiots?

The “Remake The Last Jedi campaign launched on June 14, but gained momentum in recent days. The website, which I won’t link to because it doesn’t deserve your click, explains that the anonymous backers are seeking to get Disney and Lucasfilm to remake the movie with anybody but Rian Johnson as the writer/director. They claim, without evidence, that their unnamed “producers” have pledged to cover the entire budget on Disney’s behalf.

This is obviously bullshit. The Last Jedi cost around $250 million to make, and there is no way in this or any other galaxy that the jabronis who made this website have that type of money. (The site has a form where visitors can “pledge” additional money, except it’s just a Google survey and you don’t actually pledge any money, it just makes the “total pledged” tally go up.)

On Wednesday, Seth Rogen summed up the situation pretty well on Twitter. “Yo I’m very confused as to what your goal is here,” the actor wrote. “You literally want to spend 200 million dollars remaking The Last Jedi? And someone is giving you that money? I don’t get it.”

As fun as it is to dunk on these fools, the best thing you can possibly do is ignore them rather than give them the attention they so desperately want. The “Remake The Last Jedi campaign is either the work of some toxic fanboys with a misguided sense of ownership and a fatally naive understanding of how Hollywood works, or a massive troll. Given that there’s no way they actually have $250 dollars to spend, and that the website and Twitter account are full of unfunny, poorly photoshopped memes and persnickety complaints about plot holes, it’s safe to say this is not something that should be taken seriously.

I regret writing this article, honestly, because even while trying to take down the campaign it’s unintentionally giving it legitimacy. It’s a catch-22 situation. Any coverage of the “Remake The Last Jedi campaign is just adding fuel to a smoldering fire, not unlike reports about fan petitions. Some angry randos getting Mad Online isn’t a story and it doesn’t matter.

Disney isn’t going to remake The Last Jedi, the folks who made this website don’t have the money or serious intentions to remake the movie, and this whole thing has been a waste of everybody’s time. Please don’t take them seriously, and I’m sorry for being complicit.

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