Master Microsoft Excel With This Amazing Course Bundle

There's never been a better time to become an expert in this vital software.

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Love it or hate it (really, though, who loves it?), Microsoft Excel is arguably the single most important piece of business software ever. With thousands of features and menu commands to get lost in, learning to seamlessly navigate Microsoft Excel is essential to succeeding in today’s workforce, and is also extremely easy to mess up, and get hopelessly lost in function submenus and trying to figure out why that one square won’t stop being bright orange. Well, not anymore.

eLearnExcel is a course bundle specifically designed to train you in virtually every aspect of Microsoft Excel. With this super cheap bundle, you’ll go from complete novice to a literally certified expert in all thing Excel in no time. you’ll gain a solid foundation in this spreadsheet software and use your newfound knowledge to leverage your salary or take on a new career. You’ll learn everything from spreadsheet terminology to how to insert graphics and charts, becoming comfortable with the newest edition of Excel.

The Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle comes with nine courses comprised of more than 280 lessons to take you from layman to pro in all things Excel. Start off with the foundations, then move on to mastering formulas and functions, before diving into the more advanced hacks this software has to offer, including a crash course in data analysis using Excel, and so much more. At the end of it all you’ll be a bona fide, certified Excel pro, and ready to bring those newfound skills to a cool job.

The Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle normally retails for more than $1,000, but right now Inverse readers can get this life-improving, life-changing collection of courses for just $39, a saving of more than 95 percent.

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