"Mystery Girl" Will Play a Huge Role in Season 5 of 'The Flash'

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The S.T.A.R. Labs family is going to get a bit bigger in Season 5 of The Flash. Jessica Parker Kennedy, who had a recurring role as a mysterious character throughout Season 4, will return next season as a series regular.

On Monday, TVLine reported that Kennedy will return to The Flash Season 5 as a series regular, reprising her role as (spoiler!) the adult Nora Allen, the future daughter of the now-married couple of Iris West-Allen and Barry Allen. As revealed in the Season 4 finale, Nora Allen is also a speedster like dear ol’ daddy, who traveled back in time to see her parents in their youth.

Kennedy is now the third actor to join The Flash Season 5 as a series regular. Danielle Nicolet and Hartley Sawyer are also confirmed to return this fall to the Arrow spin-off as series regulars, playing their respective characters Cecile and Ralph Dibny, a.k.a. Elongated Man.

Since the big DC TV crossover “Crisis on Earth-X” last December, Kennedy had a recurring role as an unnamed “mystery girl” who kept popping up at unexpected moments. Towards the finale, the mystery girl finally revealed herself to be from the future, as Barry’s daughter Nora Allen, named for Barry’s beloved late mother.

Nora has been changed somewhat from the comics, where she was named “Dawn Allen” along with her twin brother, Don Allen, known together as the Tornado Twins. Hailing from the 30th century, the two inherited their father’s abilities as well as their own connection to the Speed Force, but weren’t as fast as pops. Still, Dawn gave birth to her own daughter XS, who became a speedster in her own right as well as a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Tornado Twins, in issue #26 of 'The Flash' by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter.

DC Comics

At the moment, it’s unknown if Nora has a twin brother like in the comics, and it’s equally in the dark if she will have a crossover with Supergirl, which has been doing its own Legion storyline all season long.

The Flash Season 5 will premiere this fall on The CW.

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