Instagram Now Lets You Collect Screenshot Receipts in Secrecy

Taylor Swift is shaking. 


I don’t know about you, but the amount of time I spend on Instagram every day stalking random celebrities, influencers, and people I know and/or dislike is… kind of embarrassing, frankly. But I swear it’s everyone’s secret hobby. And I have good news for anyone who, like me, regularly has the sudden realization that they’ve been looking at a dog’s Instagram feed for about thirty minutes: You can now take screenshots of people’s Instagram stories without them getting notified.

Instagram, you may or may not remember, started the notification tactic as an experiment to test new story features back in February. They’ve officially decided not to keep that feature around, probably because of all the reasons I mentioned above.

Receipts aside, this likely for many serves as additional evidence that Instagram’s story features are way better than Snapchat’s. You can take the always-classy Boomerang snap, the new focus tool, the instant archive feature — hell, you can even mute people now.

Thank you, Instagram. I’d be nothing without your technology.