Choose Your FIFA World Cup Group Ranking Based on How Happy They Are

For those of us who know very little about FIFA.

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If you, like me, know very little about things like the FIFA or the World Cup (unless we’re talking about the Quidditch one), you might enjoy these arbitrary rankings. If I’m correct, there are real reasons one might root for a certain group over another, but I much prefer seeing which one is the fattest.

Thankfully, these graphs surfaced on Reddit are just what the doctor ordered. They’re unofficial, of course, but they’re created with real data. The categories include most sustainable, freest press, most peaceful, and, of course, best! We’ve included a few of the more, uh, colorful stats below:


People in Denmark are clearly very happy about something. I never really hear anything about Denmark, so no news is good news, I guess. They come in third place for the entire world on the World Happiness Report, and they’re bringing Australia, France, and Peru with them, too.

On the downside, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco all ranked low. For the record, my roommate lived in Morocco for four months and she was very happy there.


Now the tables have really turned. When it comes to wealth, Sweden’s GDP per capita takes the lead, clocking in at $51,300. You could buy a lot of FIFA Xbox games with that, I assume! Senegal comes in dead last with $2,700, which brings Japan, Poland, and Colombia down with it. But Germany, South Korea, and Mexico all get a boost from Sweden’s pure economic power.

Longest Living

And finally, we have the longest living category. Your team can’t win if they’re not alive! Sorry, that was dark. But the team of South Korea, Sweden, Germany, and Mexico is coming in first again, thanks to South Korea’s life expectancy of 82.5 years. They’ll be playing soccer well into retirement! In last place we have Iceland, Argentina, Croatia, and Nigeria, with an average lifespan of 53.8 years.


Best in the Game

This one pretty much speaks for itself.

Check out the rest of the stats right here.

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