Nintendo E3 Announcements, Recap, and Summary: 3 Games the Company Snubbed

Snubbed, but not forgotten.

Earlier today, Nintendo grabbed the E3 limelight to revealed a torrent of new games launching in 2018 (and beyond). Now that the event is done and I’ve stopped shaking with excitement over Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s time to reflect on some of the biggest video games Nintendo failed to mention during its hour-long presentation.

Ready? Let’s-a-go!

3. A New Pokémon Core Title

Nintendo teased plans for a follow-up to Pokémon Sun and Moon in an announcement last month, so I was hopeful that we’d learn even more about the rightful heir to the Pokémon franchise at E3 2018. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

Instead, Nintendo of America mascot and CEO Reggie Fils-Aimé decided to focus on Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee a pair of new games that blur the lines between proper Pokémon titles and Pokémon GO. Specifically, we learned that anyone who shells out extra for a Poké Ball Plus will get a free in-game Mew.

Look, I don’t blame Nintendo for pushing these extra toys. In a sense, Pokémon has always been about convincing kids to pressure their parents into wasting money on toys, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also give the long-time Pokémon fans something to chew on too.

The least the company could have done was mention its upcoming core Pokémon game. Instead we got nothing.

2. Metroid Prime 4

The biggest Metroid news at E3 2018 had nothing to do with Metroid Prime 4. Instead, Nintendo revealed that Ridley (the evil, purple dragon from the Metroid series) will join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable character.

Again, this is good news, and I’m not complaining… but, as a longtime Metroid fan I wish that Metroid Prime 4 would have gotten at least a brief mention. After all, this is the first original Metroid game since 2010 and so far all we have to go on is a title screen released at E3 2017.

The fact that E3 2018 came and went without a single mention isn’t exactly a good sign. I just hope Nintendo doesn’t make us wait until E3 2019 for a Metroid Prime 4 update.

'Pokémon Quest' is freakin' adorable and you know it.

The Pokémon Company

1. Pokémon Quest Mobile Release Date

This one isn’t quite as huge, but I’m still a little disappointed. Pokémon Quest may look like a pixelated gimmick, but it’s actually pretty fun. It’s also free, which is always nice.

We already know that Pokémon Quest is coming to iOS and Android in late June (it’s currently a Switch exclusive), and I was hoping Nintendo would announce a firm release date at E3. Sadly it looks like that wasn’t the plan. So we’ll probably have to deal with a few more weeks of uncertainty before it finally arrives.

Bonus Complaint: Waluigi isn’t in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

My coworker James already covered this pretty extensively, but it’s worth repeating: Not putting Waluigi into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable character is a huge bummer.

Instead of being able to control the lanky-armed villain yourself, you’ll only be able to see him onscreen as an Assist Trophy. You might think that’s better than nothing, but it would seem to imply that Waluigi’s spot as a supporting character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn’t changing anytime soon.

Waluigi hopefuls will have to wait for the next-generation Nintendo console for another shot at a full-fledged Smash Bros. character.

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