'Babylon's Fall' PlatinumGames: Everything We Think We Know About the Game

I paused the trailer over 20 times so you don't have to.

PlatinumGames revealed a mysterious new game called Babylon’s Fall during Square Enix’s E3 2018 presentation. The only info we have is the trailer, which features a rapid-fire breakdown of the game world’s history.

There’s a lot of info packed into that short trailer, and you probably missed a lot of it even if you were paying attention. That’s why we just spent the last 2 hours painstakingly poring over the video. Here’s what we learned.

What’s this game about?

In the game’s timeline, which seems to be totally separate from our own, something called Oversoul is discovered in the year 5000 CE. Of course, it doesn’t take long for people to weaponize Oversoul, and the Helos Empire does just that shortly after Oversoul is discovered. The nature of Oversoul seems to be magical. It’s also used by religious mystics who foresee a terrible apocalypse, which they record in something called the Ephesian Book.

Warnings are given and someone named Waland goes on a journey to stop the doom that’s foretold, but it’s all for naught. People riot against their rulers for using Oversoul, eventually snowballing into a massive world war. That war is followed by a righteous smiting from angry gods (yes, there are gods in this game too) who are tired of humanity’s inability to get its shit together. These events turn humans into an endangered species.

No more timeouts for you, humanity.

Square Enix, PlatinumGames

A goddess named Gaia feels bad, so she makes a new world for humans to live in and it’s good for a while. Then it all goes to hell again with a religious war and plague. Even Gaia decides she’s had enough and declares a holy war against humanity, against which a group called the Nomads are humanity’s only hope.

So, overall, it’s a pretty basic story. By the way, you’re probably paying as a Nomad.

What kind of game will this be?

The trailer had a real Dark Souls feel. After the history lesson, there’s a scene of two knights battling each other. The big blue guy had the upper-hand until the smaller knight (who looks a lot like Al from Full Metal Alchemist) sprouts laser tentacles from his back, tears the other knight’s arm off, and eviscerates him with his own blade.

Quit slashing yourself, quit slashing yourself!

Square Enix, PlatinumGames

Expect some third-person action. It looks like a medieval fantasy that’s just as crazy as PlatinumGames’ other famous title, Bayonetta.

The closing shot also depicts a party of four, so I’m also guessing there’s going to be some sort of co-op. If Babylon’s Fall is indeed a third-person action game, as its seems, it will be facing plenty of tough competition. Building the game around a co-op feature is one way to stick out in an already saturated market (even if it’s not the most original option).

When you're going off to fight genocidal gods, bring your buddies.

Square Enix, PlatinumGames

Babylon’s Fall is set for release on 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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