'Fallout 76' Poster: E3 2018 Mural Teases the New Release

Vault Boy is strolling around without a care in the world.

Residents and visitors of downtown Los Angeles are watching a mural unfold that celebrates the end of the world. The iconic Vault Boy from the Fallout series is being drawn in a three-panel advertisement on the walls of Hotel Figueroa, just a few blocks away from the Los Angeles Convention Center where E3 2018 will take place on Sunday.

The mural depicts Vault Boy walking outdoors in front of some sort of metallic entrance with a black, starry sky in the background. The right panel shows the phrase “Our Future Begins” from the suited man addressing the crowd in the Fallout 76 trailer and the third panel (which is still in progress) shows a winking Vault Boy saluting underneath an unfinished Fallout 76 logo.

This isn’t the first time Hotel Figueroa has hosted painted advertisements on its walls. Its three long, flat street-facing walls and convenient location by some of the city’s biggest venues makes it prime real estate for advertisers. Rockstar Games promoted multiple titles upon those walls, including Grand Theft Auto IV and Max Payne 3.

Since the announcement of Fallout 76, information about the game has been hard to come by, and mostly stoked by rumors and anonymous tipsters. So far, the most reliable theory is that it will be a multiplayer survival shooter with base-building elements. This also lines up with hints in the trailer, which references reclamation and rebuilding.

Fans have been scouring through past games and lore to eek out new information. Perhaps when the third panel of the mural is finally finished, it can shed some more light on what Fallout 76 will be.

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