Live Out Your 1989 'Batman' Fantasies in New 'Arkham Knight' DLC

Comes with 'Birdman' content 25 years old.

Warner Bros. Interactive

Do you love Michael Keaton’s Batman? Of course you do. He out-brawls George Clooney’s Batman and out-dresses Val Kilmer’s Bruce Wayne. You can understand his lines (unlike Christian Bale), and he isn’t Ben Affleck (unlike Ben Affleck). Would you like to play as him in “Batman: Arkham Knight”? Of course you would. And so you will.

Sometime this August, season pass holders for “Batman: Arkham Knight” will get a sick skin of Batman and the Batmobile as they appeared in the 1989 Tim Burton movie, along with a few alternate skins for Batman and his happy band of helpers.

Warner Bros. Interactive

Besides the Batman stuff, you’ll also get the 1970’s Batman (Blue cape, gray suit, yellow emblem), Iconic Grey and Black Batman (it’s uh, grey and black), Arkham Origins Batman as he appeared in “Batman: Arkham Origins,” 1990’s Catwoman, ‘One Year Later’ Robin, and Original ‘Arkham’ Nightwing as he appeared in 2011’s “Batman: Arkham City.”

Warner Bros. Interactive

Tim Burton’s Batman isn’t aging well — a lot of action films from ‘89 feel dated these days — but it’s still one of the defining comic book movies of all time. It brought Batman to life in a way fans wanted and departed from the trademark campiness of the 1966 TV series (which I personally enjoyed, but what do I know?).

No, Michael Keaton will not provide his voice for the game, so this isn’t like actually playing as that Batman. Kind of a bummer, but let’s not overlook the upside here: He’s Batman.

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