'Fortnite' Video Recreates Iconic Vines In-Game in Hilarious Clips

Vine is dead, but its memory lives on in 'Fortnite.'

Vine is dead, but the legacy of the micro-video sharing platform continues to live on through V2, Logan Paul, and now, Fortnite. yinka_a, a player from the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit, recreated some iconic Vine videos using Fortnite. Yinka spoke to Inverse about the video and how it came to be, citing Epic Games’s Replay Royale Contest as the reason for initially creating the Vines.

“After Epic released the replay system and announced the Replay Royale contest, I decided to participate,” Yinka told Inverse in a Reddit correspondence. “Despite not being in the Top 100, I realized the amount of fun I had making it with both my friends and just learning how the feature works.”

On one specific occasion, Yinka was hanging out with family members and noted how they’d quote popular Vine clips, realizing the platform had a lasting impact on their humor even long after the platform’s demise. Yinka said it was then that “the idea came to create this video and put some of the memories we had growing up into a new jacket.”

Two helpful redditors, DudeWithAHighKD and crazymudman123, listed all the Vine clips referenced in the video. A total of nine viral Vine clips are referenced — and hopefully some of your favorites — all of which were thankfully preserved on YouTube before Vine effectively shut down on October 27, 2016. Two bros chillin’ in the hot tub, Why Are You Running? clipped from the Nigerian film Pretty Little Liars 1, Hi Okay guy, Croissant Guy, the dabbing elevator kid, future U.S. Army soldier kid, and more were all given a nod.

There was also Freestyle Dancing Teacher, though the scene in yinka_a’s video, unfortunately, cuts off before Maurizio DeJori aka Max Coveri’s magnificent “Running in the 90s” kicks in. “Running in the 90s”, immortalized in the street racing anime Initial D, is a meme in its own right and referenced by gamers in everything from the Battlefield 1 trailer to Overwatch pubmasters.

The omission of “Running in the 90s” made my inner weeaboo a little sad, but it was still a great parody video. Check out the video up top, and find more of Yinka’s Fortnite videos on the YouTube channel Fortnite Cinematics.

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