'Fortnite’ Skin Creator: How to Make Your Own for Fun

Alas, it'll never be in-game, but it at least allows your dreams to be memes.

An enterprising Fortnite player made a site where you create your own custom skins. Make Fortnite Skins, which crashed from traffic shortly after creator Maux01 posted it on Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit, takes the game’s existing models and allows players to mix-and-match them for their own amusement.

And that’s where the buck stops. Since this is a fan-made project using assets from Epic Games, none of your Frankenstein creations can be used in-game. It was, however, a cool way to spend my morning.

The website is still a work in progress. There were some gaps in the skins I made that were either magnified or reduced depending on my web browser zoom. Maux01 noted that John Wick’s parts are particularly difficult to integrate with other assets. All the parts I chose were also cumulative, so when I picked a set of arms and changed my mind, I had to deselect the first set of arms before swapping or else the models would stack on top of one another. Still, this is pretty impressive for a first-time project, and Maux01 is also working on a mobile version of the website.

Here are two skins that I whipped up. Behold: DOOM Wick and Cyberpunk Christmas Elf:

I once saw him kill three demons in a space port with a pencil

Epic Games, Make Fortnite Skins

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal

Epic Games, Make Fortnite Skins

Players have been asking Epic Games for more skin customization in Fortnite since launch, but the likelihood of somethign like this being implemented is low. The game made $126 million dollars in February. That is simply astonishing for a gameplay mode that was reportedly developed in just two months, and the lion’s share of that profit undoubtedly comes from selling skins.

So unless Epic Games entertains the idea of opening up a Fortnite version of the Steam Workshop, where freelancers can create custom skins which can be sold on official game channels, Make Fortnite Skins is just a fun diversion.

But it’s a diversion worth checking out. You can customize your own Fortnite skins here.

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