'Solo' Footage Confirms Kessel, Han's Backstory, and Hilarious One-Liners

With just two weeks left before Solo drops out of hyperspace and hits theaters, actual footage from the movie has started cropping up everywhere. Following the Tuesday release of the rad new scene between Lando and Han, Lucasfilm has dropped more footage from the film. Some of the new footage has been shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live over the past two days, while other scenes have been quietly published on the UK Star Wars YouTube Channel

Once you watch all of these scenes, you’ll come to one inescapable conclusion. Even if you’re among the minority of vocal Star Wars fans who are upset about the impending release of Solo, you’ll probably still find all of this footage refreshing in one specific way: all of it is funny. Which, in fairness shouldn’t be surprising. Han Solo is the funniest character in all of Star Wars, and the guy who made him funny is arguably screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, who in addition to penning The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark, also wrote the screenplay for Solo along with his son, Jon.

If the new scenes are indicative of what the entire film is like, Solo won’t need the Force to succeed, just a bunch of hilarious one-liners. Here’s everything new from the movie you might have missed:

Han Seemingly Drove AT-STs for the Empire Before Becoming a Criminal

In what is probably the most telling scene, we see Han decked-out in the uniform of an Imperial AT-ST driver. Becket (Woody Harrelson) and Val (Thandie Newton) are criminals posing as Imperial officers, but Han blows their cover.

“Course to Kessel is Set”

In this scene, we see Han and Lando on the Millennium Falcon, while Lando’s co-pilot, L3-37 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) preps the ship for a hyperspace jump. Specifically, she says “course to Kessel is set,” which confirms what many fans have known for awhile: the infamous Kessel Run will appear in this film in some way, shape or form.

Han Messes Up in This Movie, A LOT

In one big showdown scene, Han tries to bluff his way through the whole thing, but implying he can call in reinforcements with a snap of his fingers. It doesn’t go the way he planned. This, along with all the other scenes, really sells Solo as a lighthearted adventure. Is this the funniest Star Wars movie ever? Maybe?

Chewie Wasn’t Always a Winner at Holochess

In A New Hope, Chewbacca is famously obsessed with playing holochess against C-3PO, and not crazy about losing. In one new clip, Beckett (Woody Harreslon) tells Chewie that not only can you not wipe all the pieces off the board by force, but that he’ll eventually get good at the game. This turns out to sort of be true, but sort of not. In A New Hope, Chewie is just good at pressuring C-3PO into losing because if he doesn’t, Chewie might rip his arms off.

-Solo is out everywhere on May 25. It hits Cannes on Friday.

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