Marvel Memes is the New Subreddit You Need in Your Life

It's very cathartic.


It was bound to happen. With the completely extra crossover action of Infinity War — and its subsequent box office success — Marvel superheroes are now constantly starring in yet another series of infinite plot arcs: the weird and never-ending world of memes!

On Friday, Reddit’s r/marvelmemes was the second fastest growing SFW subreddit, according to Redditlist. At the time of this writing, the community had over 11,000 members. The subreddit is peppered with every type of meme content possible, except this is the space where users are also venting their rage or perplexity at Infinity War’s ending, and other not-so-popular character developments. It’s a cathartic zone.

Benevolently, r/marvelmemes also mandates that spoiler memes be tagged with a warning, so you’re free with caution if you haven’t seen Infinity War yet. However, there are spoilers below, so continue to scroll at your own risk.

Here are some of the best memes compiled from r/marvelmemes:

When You Realize the MCU is 10 Years Old Today, submitted by joshjodalton.

Thanos, But More Powerful, submitted by elstiger.

Infinity War Spoiler Without Context, submitted by voidhelm.

## Who Was Your Favorite Character From Infinity War? by rexteram

Rabbit is lonely, by OmegaNarwhal2001

Random Person: I Love Star Lord! He Is So awesome! Literally Everyone Who Has Seen IW, by howtouseredditwtf

Make Peace Not War, by EpicDeathKick

More Spoilers Without Context, by the_MUT_MAN_U

When StarLord Gets Back, by GhostofKarlMarx69

Creating OC to Deal With That Ending, by Bryant141

marvel memes

From the Bottom of My Heart, by NateZilla1000

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