'God of War': Hidden Message for Treasure Surfaced in Collector's Edition

Circle, not 'X,' marks the spot.


When gamers spent the extra money for the God of War Stone Mason Edition, they expected to get the typical collector’s edition extras such as figurines, art, and other collectibles. Little did they know that included in this version was a treasure map.

Scattered on the various items found in the God of War Stone Mason Edition were runes — Elder Futhark runes to be exact. One YouTuber translated the runes found on the cloth map included in the special edition. Some gamers on both Reddit and the IGN message boards were able to figure out where a hidden treasure was located.

On the map, there is a large section of runes on the top left. When translated, the runes tell the story about two in-game characters, Brok and Sindri. It says how the two dwarves created the map and lost a mysterious treasure on their journey. Gaming sleuths deduced that the hidden item was at a location that neither of the dwarves visited in the game, which was Muspelheim Tower.

There was still more to this hidden treasure. On the map, a serpent acts as a border and on it are more runes. Translating the runes provides specific instructions on what to do. Find a golden circle on the floor that’s located between two braziers and faces Tyr’s Temple. By following a certain pattern of pointing the in-game camera to the braziers, the temple, and the floor, players will hear two gongs and then a hidden treasure appears. The treasure is the Forbidden Grip of the Ages, which will increase all of Kratos’ stats and add a concussive wave to a combo.

It didn’t take gamers long to uncover the secrets of the God of War treasure map, but these are the kinds of extras players enjoy seeing.

Developer Santa Monica Studio went the extra mile to add something special to the collector’s edition of the game, as well as the game itself. God of War received critical praise from multiple outlets earning perfect review scores.

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