'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Villain Finally Speaks, But Only in German

In just under a month, moviegoers will be transported once again to a galaxy far, far away when Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters. As promotion for the film ramps up, fans can’t help but notice that we haven’t seen much of the film’s villain, as played by Paul Bettany. That changed in a new international trailer, where his scar-faced villain speaks for the first time. Except, it’s not really Bettany speaking, because the trailer has been dubbed into German.

The trailer, which hit the web on Wednesday, mostly consists of footage we’ve seen in other trailers, except this time, it’s in German. However, Bettany’s villain, an imposing crime boss named Dryden Vos, gets a chance to talk.

““Give me a reason not to kill you,” he says in a scene where he appears to be talking to Han Solo. “You will have to be careful for the rest of your life” he says in a voiceover in another scene. Clearly, Dryden is not one to be messed with, although he appears to have some sort of ability to restrain himself.

We don’t know a ton about how, exactly, Dryden features into Solo’s plot. The gangster boss appears to have ties with Han’s old friend Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke). Chances are he’ll be the one who hires Han and Co. for their dangerous job, but working with a criminal is never a safe bet, even if you yourself are a con man.

Originally, Dryden was going to be played by Michael K. Williams, but Bettany replaced him due to scheduling conflicts involving Solo’s many reshoots. His character was supposedly “half beast,” while Bettany’s take looks largely human. Those scars, though… crazy theory, but is he a space werewolf?

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out on May 25.

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