'Solo' Trailer Re-Cut With Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It" is Perfect

Easily the best thing about Alden Ehrenreich’s take on the young Han Solo is the way he says “push it!” in one of the trailers for Solo: Star Wars Story. This line is obviously a reference to Han and Lando both saying “punch it!” when they were about to make the jump to lightspeed in the classic movies. Why young Han Solo says “push it” and older Han says “punch it” isn’t clear. But maybe it’s just because young Han is a giant Salt-N-Pepa fan.

On Sunday, Jonathan Baylis posted a slick fan-made re-cut of the various Solo trailers set to Salt-N-Pepa’s classic jam “Push It.” (You can watch it up top.) Not only is it the most perfect fan edit ever, it will easily make you forget about the Solo trailer recut with The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage.” Plus, Salt-N-Pepa’s 1987 hip-hop classic works with the vibe of Han and Lando way better than perhaps any other old school jam, ever. Here’s Salt-N-Pepa performing the song.

Baylis is a comic book writer and a video editor. When Inverse reached out to him, he explained his inspiration for creating the video like this:

“I was used to hearing ‘Punch It’ out of the mouth of Han Solo, that for a brief moment, I was taken out of the trailer when I heard ‘Push It’, and my brain is always taking me to musical places. I used to edit on Avid, but am now learning Premiere so I thought it might be the perfect bit of fun practice. I’m also a huge Star Wars fan. My son is named Lucas.”

Though classical music is a big part of the experience of Star Wars, other genres of music are never part of the actual soundtrack. And, as far as a variety of universe music, the Star Wars galaxy is pretty much limited to jizz wailers hanging out in space bars.

Hopefully, this fan-edit can serve as inspiration for future Star Wars projects: let’s mix in some old-school hip-hop tracks! Seriously, Jon Favreau, we’re counting on you.

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