Drones Turn Deadly in 'Hover,' a New Dystopian Thriller

Fear what flies is right!

The new science fiction film Hover is set in a near future where severe drought has caused food shortages. Understandably people turn to technology for the solution, drones maximizing land’s yield in this case. Unfortunately for those living in this reality, this technology is not their friend. In fact, it’s what they should fear most.

On Wednesday, the trailer for the film was released and gave us a first look at the perils of this horrifying not-so-distant future. Compassionate care provider Claudia spends her day helping sick people living on farm end their lives. That is until her mentor John dies mysteriously and Claudia uncovers a connection between her work and the technology that is supposed to be keeping them alive. With the help of some new friends.

Cleopatra Coleman, who also wrote the film, stars are Claudia while Craig muMs Grant plays John. The cast also includes Shane Coffey, Beth Grant, Fabianne Therese, and Rhoda Griffis.


Syfy Films

Those friends and Claudia are the David against the government’s Goliath who authorize the use of the corporation’s drones. What they need is something bigger and badder than killer drones. Bigger guns or drone-hunting eagles? These ragtag team really needs help.

Hover is the type of science fiction that leans closer to science than fiction, which makes it real enough to be terrifying. Figure out whether or not Claudia gets to the bottom of the mystery when the film premieres June 29, 2018.

We rely on technology for our day-to-day currently, so it’s understandable that we would depend on it in a real crisis. So, the question is could this happen to us?

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