10 Best Signs from This Year's March for Science

Hail Sagan.


Science fans were fortunate enough that it was warmer than average for Saturday’s March for Science in Washington, D.C. It’ll be unlikely to find someone marching who would contest the effects of climate change caused the unconventional warmer weather.

This is the March for Science’s second year. The goals of the march are to push for science to be more accepted in public policies and to break down barriers between scientists and communities. More than 600 marches across the globe took place last year with more than 1 million showing their support for science.

Here are some of the more memorable signs from this year’s March for Science that gives a jab to certain public officials or reiterate how science is all about the facts.

Got Plague?

Contrary to what anti-vaxxers may believe, people have far few deadly viruses to worry about thanks to vaccinations.

Scott Pruitt “Never Made It as a Wise Man”

It’s simple but straight to the point. How can you trust a government official who has Nickelback on their iPod?

Gotta Love Math Humor

Science, it’s rational.

She Knows Her Crap

The sign is a little dirty, but still scientific.

Where’s Fallout Boy?

And it’s not “up and at them.”

The Movie Trope

One aspect of a disaster movie that is now a reality.

Yo Momma

You going to take that?

Can’t Deny

Lots of signs here, but the best is how she “loves big brains and she cannot lie.”

Conquering Fears

The fresh air will do them some good.

Oldie but Goodie

Yes, all hail Sagan.

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