This Vintage 1978 Han Solo Book Art Looks Like Adam Driver

Lucasfilm/Dean Ellis

We all know there’s no possible way that anyone in 1978 could have predicted that Adam Driver would be cast as Han Solo’s son Kylo Ren in 2015. This is mostly because Adam Driver was born in 1983 not 1978, but the cover of the vintage novel Han Solo’s Revenge suggests the Force moves in mysterious ways. The likeness of Han Solo drawn by artist Dean Ellis in 1978 presciently looks more like Adam Driver than it does Harrison Ford.

Everyone at Inverse is pumped for Solo: Star Wars Story, so much so, we’ve been dusting off all of our old Han and Lando books from the Seventies and Eighties. Other than the very brazen fact that none of the initial paperback runs of these books contain the words “Star Wars” on them anywhere, the cover art for Han Solo’s Revenge by Brian Daley depicts a version of Han that looks either like Beatles impersonator, or, fittingly Adam Driver.

Detail from the 1978 cover of 'Han Solo's Revenge' by Brian Daley. Art by Dean Ellis

Lucasfilm/Del Rey/Dean Ellis

To be clear, we don’t think this looks EXACTLY like Adam Driver, but it certainly looks more like Adam Driver than it does Harrison Ford, right?

Now, as far as we know, there aren’t vintage Han and Lando books that have art that looks like Alden Ehrenreich or Donald Glover. Apparently the time travel Force influence on book cover artists in the past only works in favor of Kylo Ren. Which sort of makes sense? He’s possibly the most powerful Force-user in his family ever? Right? Powerful enough to reach back in time and yet his face drawn over his father’s on a book cover? Come on, search your feelings. You know this is totally a Kylo Ren move.

The next movie about Han Solo is tragically not called Han Solo’s Revenge, but instead, Solo: A Star Wars Story. It will debut at the Cannes Film Festival on May 15, and out in movie theaters everywhere on May 25.

Fan are holding their breath to see how much they can accept Ehrenreich as a young Harrison Ford. But, keep in mind, we all accepted Driver as Solo’s son very easily. But then again, maybe this vintage mind trick primed us for that fact long, long ago.

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