'Rick and Morty vs. D&D' Gives Rick Sanchez a Surprising Character Class

Rick's getting schwifty in D&D.

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You’d think that when Rick Sanchez played Dungeons & Dragons that he would pick a science-forward class like the relatively new Artificer, “the master of magical invention,” or even homebrew somthing. But instead, it looks like he’ll be a fairly surprising class in the upcoming Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons crossover comics series. Rick’s probably going to be a lute-toting Bard.

In an interview published Wednesday by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the series’s illustrator Troy Little had many enthusiastic things to say about the project. “This is how I spend my time and my days? Are you kidding me? It’s fantastic,” Little said. The article also includes photos of Little working on some drawings for the series in his studio. In one particular drawing, Rick Sanchez is depicted with gear typical of a Bard in Dungeons & Dragons. This is surprising at first glance, but the more you think about Rick’s relationship with music, it’s actually kind of awesome.

The big giveaway with this new drawing is that Rick is holding a lute or cittern, but he also has a sword across his back and what looks like a leather jacket.Bards almost always wear light armor and wield simple weapons, but their real utility comes from wielding music-based magic. So it looks like that’ll probably be Rick’s role, at least for some portion of the comic.

On one hand, Rick being a Bard seems pretty surprising. They aren’t exactly the badass and brilliant agents of chaos that Rick so clearly is. But on the other hand, Rick’s always low-key been really into music. Remember when he became Tiny Rick and we actually heard him sing and play guitar?

When he was Tiny Rick, he actually sang and played guitar.

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Rick was in a band with Squanchy and Birdperson years ago. They were called “The Flesh Curtains.”

Rick Sanchez used to play guitar in a band called The Flesh Curtains with Squanchy and Birdperson.

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And who could possibly forget “Get Schwifty,” which proved Rick’s musical acumen?

Rick wielded a guitar in "Get Schwifty."

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When Rick was a bit sad and depressed towards the end of Season 3 after a fight with Beth, he just strummed on his guitar with some awesome-looking headphones.

Rick has some pretty sweet guitar gear.

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When you stop and think about it, maybe Rick being a Bard actually makes a lot of sense in Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons.

In the cover art released alongside the initial announcement for the series, Rick was wearing his typical outfit from the Adult Swim show with five rings, some kind of amulet around his neck, and a cool-looking sword while he held up a giant, glowing 20-sided die. So how quickly will he get the Bard upgrade from there?

Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons debuts in August 2018 from Oni Press and IDW Publishing.

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