‘Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality' Finally Hits PlayStation VR

It's a 2D show in 3D. 

Last year, PC gamers got their hands on the Rick and Morty virtual reality game, Virtual Rick-ality. PlayStation 4 owners can now experience being on an adventure with the dimension-hopping duo.

Publisher Adult Swim Games tweeted the official release announcement via Twitter on Tuesday. Developed by Owlchemy Labs and ported to the PS4 by Other Ocean Interactive, Virtual Rick-ality makes use of the PlayStation VR, which is the only virtual reality option for console gamers.

In Virtual Rick-ality, players take control of a Morty clone and will have to complete various tasks for Rick in order to proceed in the game. Show co-creator Justin Roiland provides the voice for the two main characters, which have the same dark, cynical humor that makes the show so popular.

Last year, Inverse staff played the first half-hour of *Virtual Rick-ality and described the kind of puzzles players will have to complete in the game. Although the tasks could be considered “menial,” it does have the charm of the show as Rick will continuously berate players.

Virtual Rick-ality is available for purchase in the PSN Store for $29.99, and it requires a PlayStation VR unit, PlayStation camera, and two PS Move controllers. PC gamers can still purchase the game off of Steam if they have an HTC Vice or Oculus Rift.

While players of Virtual Rick-ality may feel like they’re in an episode of Rick and Morty, the reality is that new episodes are still in limbo. Both Roiland and other co-creator Dan Harmon have expressed their frustrations on Twitter over the stalled negotiations between them and Turner Broadcasting. Rick and Morty Season 4 is still not happening anytime soon, in this version of reality anyway.

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