'Rick and Morty' Pickle Rick Is Now a Pickle Funko

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As if Funko collectors needed one more figure to add to their vast collections, the Rick and Morty line of Funko’s Pop! Vinyl figures has now added the mythical “Pickle Rick” to its always-expanding ranks. The figure will be released in July.

In short, he’s a Funko now, Morty! He’s Funko Riiiiiiiick!

Funko revealed pre-orders Tuesday for two new figures: “No Limbs” Pickle Rick, from Rick and Morty Season 3, and Death, from Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel series Sandman published by Vertigo. The two figures are being released as “Exclusives,” meaning they will be available only at specialty shops and niche online retailers, and not big box stores like Walmart and Target.

To make it suitable for display, “No Limbs” Pickle Rick will come on a clear stand, allowing Rick’s permanently sinister expression to stare back at you as you toil away at your desk. You can preorder No Limbs Pickle Rick now.

"No Limbs" Pickle Rick is coming soon.

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The new Pickle Rick is actually a variant on previous Pickle Rick vinyl figures. Until now, Pickle Rick fans could pick up one of two (or both) “Pickle Rick” and “Pickle Rick with Laser,” in which Rick’s mutilated rats to give himself arms and legs, and crafted mini-nuclear weapons, to survive. The “No Limbs” exclusive is Rick’s first version of his pickle form, when he was literally just a pickle.

Premiering last summer during the show’s long-awaited third season, Pickle Rick was introduced a gag that turned brutally violent. It quickly went viral with Rick and Morty viewers online, and now the character enjoys cult status among even the most die-hard fans.

There is no premiere date for Rick and Morty Season 4.

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