'Fahrenheit 451' Trailer: 'Black Panther' Star Returns in a Blaze of Glory

After burning the heart-shaped herbs of Wakanda in Black Panther as Killmonger, Michael B. Jordan is back in another film burning things. This time he is bringing death by fire to as many books as he can in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451. This time, though, he will be the conflicted protagonist instead of the rage-filled antagonist.

On Thursday, HBO released the first full trailer for the upcoming film after releasing a teaser trailer in February. Set in a distant future where books are banned, Jordan’s Guy Montag and her colleagues – called “firemen” – spend their days burning the books. When Guys meets a person who challenges the core values that have been ingrained in him, the young fireman begins to question everything about his world.

Based on the acclaimed 1953 book of the same name by the great Ray Bradbury, the new movie is being directed by Ramin Bahrani, who also wrote the script. Jordan not only worked with Bahrani in the lead role, but is also an executive producer on the project.

'Fahrenheit 451'


In the trailer, we see Guy as he struggles with spending his days burning books and asking why its done at all. Ignoring history in order to create a new reality, Guy’s boss is seen explaining one the books are gone everyone will be equal. In spite of that Guy continues to question his role, which will definitely put him at odds with his colleagues and get him into trouble.

Joining Jordan in the film is Michael Shannon as Guy’s boss Captain Beatty. The cast also includes actresses Sofia Boutella and Lilly Singh.

Whether he’s burning books or walking through fire to save the knowledge in them, Jordan is definitely turning up the heat.

Fahrenheit 451 will premiere on HBO May 19, 2018.