'The Walking Dead' Brings Back the Great Helicopter Mystery of Season 8


One of the biggest mysteries of The Walking Dead made a surprise return as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) laid helpless at the mercy of Jadis (Pollyanna Macintosh). An actual, working helicopter that may or may not have appeared before Rick (Andrew Lincoln) earlier this season definitely appears in this week’s episode, but that hardly answers any questions. In fact, it just adds more.

In “Still Gotta Mean Something,” The Walking Dead catches up with Jadis since she caught Negan several weeks ago after his brutal rematch against Rick. In a time span of what appears to be just a few days, maybe even hours, Jadis rolls out Negan and taunts him by threatening to burn Lucille. Using his wits, Negan threatens to burn a few precious photographs — mementos that the sentimental Jadis has left of the life she had before the apocalypse.

Just then, the rolling thunder of whirring chopper blades gets louder and louder, before a bonafide helicopter appears before Negan and Jadis, who had just wrestled each other and unwittingly put out a working flare in a puddle of water. By the time Jadis grabs a new flare, it’s too late. The chopper has turned.

This is the second time this season a helicopter has appeared in The Walking Dead. The first occurred in Episode 5, “The Big Scary U,” in which Rick saw a helicopter shortly after leaving an argument with Daryl. Naturally, the episode didn’t revisit the chopper, so it’s anyone’s guess just where it’s coming from, and who’s piloting it. (I want to know where it’s getting fuel.)

"What the fuck?" Language, Negan!


But now we know for sure: Rick wasn’t hallucinating before. There’s something, or some people, that exist beyond the war between the Saviors and the Hilltop. There are people with resources, and it may be a matter of time before we meet them. Could they be connected to Georgie?

In any case, Jadis lets go of Negan (!!!!!) and solemnly returns to a shockingly pristine “bedroom” packed inside one of the garbage crates. Upon his return to the Saviors, Negan smirks and asks the guardsmen at the gate to keep quiet. Seems Negan wants to have some fun with whomever put themselves in charge (coughSimoncough) while Negan was “away.”

Elsewhere, “Still Gotta Mean Something” gives viewers lots of time with Morgan (Lennie James) prior to his exit from the series. This week, Morgan confesses to Henry that he killed his brother, which has burdened him for weeks as Henry’s irrational actions have cost the Hilltop valuable leverage. Will Henry get his pay back against Morgan? He’s been prone to show such violence, and Morgan does need an exit to appear on Fear the Walking Dead. Maybe Morgan needs a helicopter more than Jadis or Rick.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern on AMC.

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