‘Infinity War’: Black Widow Is Hardcore as Hell in New Teaser

You can easily forget how vital the non-powered Avengers can be in a fight, and the latest teaser for Avengers: Infinity War reminds us all exactly how badass Black Widow is as she fights Thanos’s superpowered Black Order. On Wednesday, Marvel Entertainment released a new teaser that puts the spotlight on Black Widow while she fights and threatens Thanos’s minions.

The teaser includes several pieces of new footage, but the most badass part is when Black Widow says, “We don’t want to kill you … but we will.” Is she speaking directly to Thanos or to one of his “children”? Spoilers on this next part. We also get a closer look at a scene that takes place early in the film when villains Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight attack and wound Vision, trying to get the Mind Stone. In the following shot, Black Widow attacks Corvus Glaive with the same spear tossed by Proxima Midnight that Captain America catches in the first big trailer:

Marvel Studios

We got the first clear look at the Black Order in the second full trailer for Infinity War, but this new teaser makes it seem like the only reason Vision survives the attack is because Captain America, Black Widow, and possibly even Falcon show up to fight them. Black Widow is able to stand toe-to-toe with Thanos’s favorite child, Corvus Glaive, proving that she’s just as vital and badass as ever.

It makes you wonder if these two Children of Thanos even make it out of this encounter alive. Maybe they’re the ones that Black Widow threatens to kill? If the clip is any indication, then she’s totally capable of doing just that all on her own. The only other things we’ve seen of them is in the group shot from the second trailer in which they appear alongside Loki.

It’s unclear right now exactly how this initial fight scene plays out or who participates. Do they “win” the fight or retreat? Are they able to defeat and/or kill the Black Order members? Either way, this groups goes to Wakanda with Banner and War Machine shortly after this scene. There, Vision gets some kind of surgery from Shuri.

So just how extensive are Vision’s injuries? Based on how badass Black Widow is, they’re probably not nearly as bad as the injuries that Corvus Glaive sustains in this fight.

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